A.MINARDI & FIGLI S.r.l. has been in the domestic and foreign market   of spices and medicinal herbs for three generations, since 1930. A firm  with a very strong liaison with the Romagna region, located in the rural outskirts of Bagnacavallo, a typical small town which still reveals Middle Age features, 20 kilometres far from Ravenna.
The premises cover 2.200 square meters on a 5.700 square meter estate. Our staff is currently in the number of 15 people.

Alfredo Minardi established the firm. Since from his youth, in the early 20's, he started picking herbs and roots in the fields surrounding the town of Bagnacavallo, and study their curative virtues.

Later on, leaving his job at the local farmers association, he turned this passion into a job, beginning to collect and select plants and herbs for pharmaceutical industries and distilleries.
The real trade activity began in the last years prior II World War, by selling products imported from the African Italian colonies as substitutes of other imported goods, such as oriental teas (the commerce of which was banned for political reasons) replaced by Karkadè, the dried leave of Hibiscus. Diego Minardi, the eldest son, was involved in this activity since from his childhood, and later on, together with his sister Anna, expanded the business transforming the local firm into an exporting company.
This helped a qualification of the Romagna grown product, first among all, the well known Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), a selection of which, namely called "Seme di Romagna", was very famous in Russia too.
With the fundamental drive of Diego, who was graduated as an herborist in 1953 in Bologna by Professor Lodi, the range of products traded by A.MINARDI & FIGLI increased and increased, by dealing also with exotic and uncommon plants. His commitment for the professional qualification of the herborist was continuous, associated with countless attempts to have the herbalist products recognised and disciplined by appropriate laws.

In the present days, the firm is managed by Dr. Irene Minardi, a pharmacist, whose staff can offer the highest degree of professional skill; in fact, among the 15 people in staff, a remarkable number of 6 professionals can boast an herborist degree.
MINARDI & FIGLI long and demonstrated expertise in carefully selecting raw materials and products is coupled with a distinguished customer service, precise and responding to our customer needs.

We are proud to offer the widest range, in the Italian market, of officinal and medical herbs, spices and teas, together with a very large number of herbs mixtures in house created which have been appreciated for decades. Our more than 800 products, domestic and imported, may be supplied in several kinds of cuts, tea bags and filter cut or powdered. All plants are checked on the production site with no exception and authorized and widely acknowledged laboratories cooperate with us the quality control .
Our firm is provided with state of the art machinery for selecting, crushing, cutting and milling, in addition with a vacuum packaging machines , for small and large items.

Since the beginning we have privileged a direct approach to the market without any agent or distributor. For this reason we welcome all inquiries on our products and services without any obligation . Pharmacies and health shops, distilleries and pharmaceutical industries are among our Clients.

Our commitment and care is proven by the publication of books, technical schedules and all-round technical assistance to the customer.

Our firm is a founder member of ASSOERBE, the most important Italian association between herbs growers, processing firms, importers, exporters, wholesalers and sales agents of spices and medicinal herbs.

MINARDI & FIGLI is then a synonymous for herbs, tradition, widest range, innovation and research.

A. Minardi & Figli s.r.l. via Boncellino 18/A 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA) Tel. 0545-61460 Fax. 0545-60686